The CICO Diet Can Help You Lose Weight—at a Cost

The CICO Diet Can Help You Lose Weight—at a Cost

The CICO Diet Can Help You Lose Weight—at a Cost

The calories in, calories out principle is the foundation of weight reduction, but some experts believe it may be problematic.

The Proper Method to Count Calories is Shown Here

The calories in, calories out principle is the foundation of weight reduction, but some experts believe it may be problematic.

The proper method to count calories is shown here.

New diet trends are seldom creative.

Weight-Loss Fads

The newest weight-loss fads only vary in their unique set of restrictions, prohibited foods or dietary categories, and daily nutritional limits.

The reality is that most diets rely on the same mechanism:

Calorie Restriction

Whether it’s Whole30, Paleo, or Keto, the aim of these diet The CICO Diet Can Help You Lose Weight—at a Cost

programs is to encourage you to consume less food overall, resulting in a loss.

Now, a new diet fad known as “Calories In, Calories Out” (CICO) is placing the calorie-counting technique of weight reduction front and centre.

The CICO diet is based on the idea that you will lose weight by eating fewer calories than your body requires to complete its everyday activities.

It makes sense, doesn’t it?

“The concept of calories in and calories out is definitely the backbone of weight reduction,” explains Bethany Doerfler, M.Sc., R.D.N., Clinical Dietitian at Northwestern University.

“But metabolism and weight reduction are much more complicated than that.


So, before you jump on the CICO bandwagon, it’s essential to grasp a few fundamental aspects of how your metabolism and body operate when it comes to dieting and weight reduction.

There is a good method to perform CICO and a technique that may lead to problems.

Counting Calories

It is important to understand that counting calories do not necessarily result in long-term weight control.

Worse, the The CICO Diet Can Help You Lose Weight—at a Cost

approach may leave you feeling starved and lead to (gulp) disordered eating.

Before you use the CICO method to reduce weight, think about your health, happiness, and contentment.

What Is the CICO Diet?

Calories are units of energy contained in meals that power your actions, which include anything from breathing to going to the gym.a plate of food with broccoli: Grilled chicken and rice salad bowl

A Dish of Food with Broccoli

Grilled chicken and rice salad bowl Getty Images – Getty Images – Oatmeal Stories Salad with grilled chicken and rice.

The Number of Calories

The number of calories your body burns to remain alive is referred to as your basal metabolic rate (BMR).

This statistic is unique to each person and is determined by a variety of variables such as height, weight, and age.

Online Calculators

Online calculators are approximate, and some doctors use breathing machines to offer more precise BMRs.

Then, since you’re presumably not laying in bed all day, lifestyle variables such as physical exercise must be considered.

Internet Calculators

Again, internet calculators and formulae provide approximate estimations of how many calories your body consumes.

Losing weight involves consuming fewer calories than your bodyThe CICO Diet Can Help You Lose Weight—at a Cost

needs to maintain its activity level.

This is where CICO comes in.

On the CICO diet, you track your daily calorie intake using the above calculators and then try to eat less.

Calculate your Daily Calorie

So, let’s suppose you calculate your daily calorie need to be 2,600 calories.

You might therefore try to consume 2,200 calories each day in order to lose weight.

And, truly, there are no forbidden items as long as you keep within your daily calorie restriction.

The concept is simple, but the implementation may be difficult.

Calorie Monitoring

Calorie monitoring requires careful tracking, which may be particularly difficult while eating out or travelling.

Plus, there’s math.

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However, some have observed benefits from the diet.

Does the CICO Diet Work?

According to Abby Langer, R.D., most diets succeed due to a calorie deficit.

Free picture: weight scale, body, measuring, weight, object

“However, calories, as we know them, are so arbitrary,” Langer adds.

“The calorie was created a long time ago and isn’t always true in terms of how our systems digest each particular meal.

We’re learning a lot more about how calories are absorbed.”

She adds that your body absorbs more calories from food that has been processed or broken down from its original form.

Drink a Smoothie

“So, if you drink a smoothie, you’re going to absorb a larger percentage of those calories compared to whether you consume that meal raw or cooked,” adds Langer.

According to a new study, our systems react differently to ultra-processed foods like chips or Twinkies than they do to kale or bananas.

“Those [packaged snacks] will be perceived quite differently on a cellular level,” adds Doerfler.

Well-balanced Diet

It was found by the National Institutes of Health that consuming ultra-processed meals raises ghrelin, a hunger-stimulating hormone.

According to Doerfler, highly processed meals rich in sugar, fat, and salt may raise insulin levels and lead your body to retain extra fat.

Then you must examine the advantages of fibre.

“Fiber-rich meals give a sense of satisfaction and fullness,” adds Doerfler.


The vitamin also supports healthy gut flora, which The CICO Diet Can Help You Lose Weight—at a Cost

experts think may influence a person’s weight.

So, just because you’re losing weight on CICO doesn’t imply you’re doing it in a healthy manner.

If the remainder of your diet is still high in junk food, but you’re eating less of it, you may be losing weight but not improving your diet.

Is the CICO Diet Healthy?

Calorie counting isn’t intrinsically difficult, according to Doerfler.

Martelly is a cropped picture of an elderly guy measuring his waist. Cropped image of an elderly man measuring his waist.       Cropped shot of senior man measuring his waist

High-Calorie Stuff

“I appreciate that this diet has brought back to the forefront looking at calories and understanding where your high-calorie stuff originates from,” she adds.

“Almost often, those calories come in the form of processed snack foods and sugar-sweetened drinks.

The goal is that those calories would be utilized for wiser and better eating.”

Fewer Calories

Knowing that a morning bagel with cream cheese has over 600 calories may encourage you to select a delicious breakfast with fewer calories, such as oatmeal and peanut butter.


Furthermore, applications like MyFitnessPal may help you keep track of what you’re consuming.

In one month, participants who spent just 15 minutes a day tracking their meals lost around 10% of their total weight, according to a February 2019 Obesity study.

Counting Calories

Counting calories, on the other hand, may seem like a chore, lead to compulsive behaviour, and even trigger binge eating, according to Langer.


“Drilling everything down to statistics takes away all the pleasure of eating and disconnects us from feeding our bodies,” she claims.

“By being punitive, this promotes diet culture.”

For individuals suffering from eating disorders, stress about numbers may be a trigger to bingeing.

If you have a history of disordered eating, talk to a nutritionist about creating a plan that works for you.


Birthdays, or any other celebration meal, are not taken into The CICO Diet Can Help You Lose Weight—at a Cost

account by rigid diets.

“People aren’t nearly as robotic,” adds Doerfler.

“Even if someone requires 1,200 calories per day to lose weight, most individuals don’t stick to it 100% of the time.”


Finally, the ideal diet is one that does not occupy your every thought.

According to Langer, dieting becomes a problem when you refuse to eat even when you are hungry.

“If you needed to pee, you wouldn’t reply, ‘No, I can’t pee for another three hours,'” she claims.

Langer advises paying attention to your body’s natural hunger signals and adopting a more relaxed attitude.

“Stop thinking about food as good or terrible and simply eat,” she advises.

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The CICO Diet Can Help You Lose Weight—at a Cost