Can you Drink Alcohol and still Lose Weight? Review

I’m here to inform you that you don’t have to give up alcohol totally.

I will never be the personal trainer who tells you that you can’t drink or eat something.

It’s not my ideology; it never has been and never will be.

Why? Because I do what I Teach

Yes, I eat chocolate and have a beer with my pals, but I also know my limitations, work out hard, and eat a well-balanced diet.

Yes, you can consume alcohol and lose weight.

But don’t get me wrong. This isn’t a green signal to crack open a bottle of wine tonight and Smash 8 espresso martinis after work this coming Friday!

Moderation is essential to understand how to select drinks that will the least influence your weight reduction objectives.

How to still lose weight while drinking Alcohol

Why Drinking too Much

Why drinking (too much) alcohol will delay your weight reduction.

The reality is that even if you eat most of the time very healthily, drinking too much alcohol will hinder your weight reduction and even contribute to weight gain.

But the good news is that you can still enjoy a drink without jeopardizing your weight reduction objectives.

But first, you should understand how (and why) alcohol might hinder your weight loss if you don’t handle it correctly.

Usually, your body burns fat stores to generate the energy it requires, which you want while attempting to reduce weight.

The difficulty with consuming alcohol while on a diet is that it gives your body a faster, more accessible kind of energy than fat does.

Your Body

No matter how much we wish it were otherwise, alcohol is far simpler for your body to convert to fuel than fat. And here’s why drinking can hinder your weight loss.

No matter how much you want, it wasn’t so, your body will always seek the quickest and simplest energy source for fuel, and fat isn’t it!

If you want to enjoy a social drink while maintaining your weight loss objectives, you must strike a good balance so that your body continues to burn fat for fuel.

Why you should avoid high-fat meals or snacks if you’re going to have a drink.

If weight reduction is your primary objective and you’re typically doing everything correctly to actively lose weight, then here’s my most excellent piece of advice. Avoid eating high-fat or high-calorie items while drinking.

Fatty Meals

The trouble with fatty meals is that they contain many calories, and eating high-calorie foods while simultaneously ingesting a lot of calories from beer or wine means your body will have a lot of surplus energy that it must store somewhere.

Alcohol provides your body with lots of accessible energy, all of the calories from those excellent late-night chips are likely to be delivered right into your fat cells for safekeeping!Picture of Fatty Foods

That’s why eating fatty or high-calorie meals while drinking alcohol is detrimental to your weight loss objectives.

You’ll have to work hard not only to reduce the weight you plan to shed but also to burn off the new fat from your big night out!

Why ‘Dieting’ might set you up for Failure

There’s a lot of poor weight-loss advice out there. It is often to be informed that something is ‘bad for us and that we must eliminate it altogether from our lives.

After 20 years in the health and fitness sector, I can tell you that continually ‘going without’ is not a sustainable way to live. It frequently leads to failure.

When we are highly restricted and leave out everything we love, we frequently feel deprived, which may be a very unpleasant emotion that may tempt us to ‘cheat’ on our diet.

A healthy, balanced approach to weight reduction is the most effective method to reduce weight and keep it off for good.

Dietary Restrictions

I’ve discovered that the stricter the dietary restrictions we place on ourselves, the more likely we will go off the wagon.

When we fall, we can fall hard, leading to an unhealthy binge mindset in which we over-restrict and over-indulge.

It’s not a healthy or fun way to live.

How to enjoy a few glasses of wine without jeopardizing your weight reduction.Glass of wine being poured

At 28, we’ve never been the type of home weight reduction programme to advise you that you shouldn’t drink at all because it’s just not a viable (or pleasurable) way to live.

It’s all about striking the correct balance, so keep reading, and I’ll offer you some healthy advice on how to drink socially while still losing weight.

Balance and moderation

If you want to reduce weight, your body must burn fat for fuel. But you already know (if you read my explanation above) that consuming too much alcohol will delay or even reverse your weight reduction.

So, how can you have a glass or two with friends and family without jeopardizing your weight reduction efforts?

Moderation is the key to enjoying a drink while remaining healthy and able to reduce weight.

With that said, here are 5 suggestions to help you want the odd beer or wine while still meeting your weight reduction objectives.

#1. If you drink, don’t overdo it

When it comes to a sustained healthy lifestyle, we don’t believe you should have to exclude any food category from your diet, including an occasional glass or two of your favourite alcoholic beverage. Plan beforehand.

Before you go out, set a drink limit for yourself and make a promise to yourself to stick to it.

Maintain Your Resolve

Go to your next occasion with the firm purpose of only having one or two alcoholic beverages.

#2. Select a Healthy Beverage

Sure, that white chocolate espresso martini sounds terrific, but it’s loaded with sugar and will cause you to consume a lot of unneeded calories.

One approach to enjoying a few alcoholic drinks while still losing weight is to pick your beverages correctly.

You may cut your liquid calorie intake by ordering a transparent spirit with soda water or substituting a glass of wine for your drink.

Continue reading to discover: the greatest booze to drink if you’re trying to reduce weight.

A regular 142ml/5oz glass of wine (such as pinot grigio or pinot noir) is usually around 120 calories.

However, an espresso martini cocktail can be approximately 300 calories per drink!

#3. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Rehydration between drinks allows you to consume less alcohol.

Every alcoholic beverage should be followed by a glass of water.A Glass being poured with water

Not only will this rehydrate you, but you may find that you become accustomed to sipping on water and no longer feel the urge for another drink or glass of wine.

Sometimes we merely want to have a glass in our hand during social occasions, but we don’t feel the need to drink.

That’s one of the reasons why soda water with fresh lime is my favourite non-alcoholic beverage.

Sometimes we merely want to have a glass in our hand during social occasions, but we don’t feel the need to drink.

Soda and lime are a terrific combination here!

#4. Don’t Skip your Daily Workout

Work hard, play hard! Get your workout in first thing in the morning before your big night out, and have a training scheduled for the following day.

You’re far less inclined to overindulge if you’ve already committed to a 9 a.m. spin session with a pal!

#5: Don’t miss meals (but also don’t overeat)

If you miss meals before drinking, you may be inclined to overeat later.

People frequently make the mistake of skipping supper to compensate for the liquid calories they will ingest.

This is NOT the Answer!

Before you go out, eat a balanced meal rich in lean protein and excellent fats to help limit the absorption of alcohol into your circulation.

It will also help you retain your cool over canapés and may even help you resist a late-night McDonald’s run since, let’s face it, fast foods are usually more enticing when you’ve been drinking on an empty stomach! McDonalds Logo

Eat a nutritious meal with lean protein and good fats before you go out – it will not only help you soak up the booze, but it will also make you less prone to gorge on unhealthy foods later in the evening.

The Worst Beverages to order if you’re trying to Reduce Weight

When you’re on a diet and want something to drink, anything that comes with a full-sugar soft drink, like Coke, or anything with cream or coconut-cream basis.

Unfortunately, it’s also advised to avoid cocktails (particularly those with tiny umbrellas in them!) because they’re frequently loaded with shots of alcohol and sugar, which will rapidly take you over your daily calorie limit.

If you’re on a diet, you should avoid these high-calorie drinks at all costs!

Facts About Drinks

Here’s a list of popular high-calorie drinks that have more than 400 calories per serving, so try to avoid them if you’re trying to lose weight!

• Mulled wine

• White Russian

• Margarita (primarily if the premade sour mix is used)

• Fruity Daiquiris

• Pinal Coladas

• Long Island Iced Tea (this might have up to 700 calories!)

Although we typically do not suggest calorie counting since it can lead to some individuals developing an unhealthy connection with food, it can be beneficial to make healthier choices to lose weight.

Alcoholic beverages contain around 120 calories per serve (for a standard pour of 150ml/5oz).

• Pinot Grigio

• Pinot Noir

• Merlot

• Cabernet Sauvignon

• Syrah • Non-Brut Champagne (for a 120ml champagne flute serve)

• Sparkling Rose (for a 120ml champagne flute serve)

Sparkling wines with the fewest calories (cant 120ml/4oz into a typical champagne-style flute)

• Prosecco sparkling (80 calories)

• Extra brut champagne (90 calories)

• Brut champagne (100 calories)

• Champagne that is not brut (120 calories)

• Extra Dry Champagne (120 calories)

• Sparkling Rose (120 calories)

Cocktails with the fewest calories (for those managing their weight!)

• Mojito with no added sugar (about 110 calories)

• Peach Bellini (about 120 calories)

• A classic martini (about 130 calories depending on the size of the glass)

• Gin & Tonic (150 calories)

• Classical (150 calories)

• Cosmopolitan (170 calories, but be sure there’s no sugar syrup added!)

Quick Tip

If you decide to drink while attempting to lose weight, ask the bartender to leave off the sugar syrup.

Cocktails created with high-quality ingredients should not require additional sugar to taste fantastic.

Many espresso martini recipes, for example, might be approximately 350 calories due in part to the use of sugar syrup as well as sugar-rich coffee liqueurs.

However, make your espresso martini using top-shelf spirits and instead of a liqueur, use a smooth-tasting espresso for your coffee flavour.

You can easily cut back 100 calories by skipping the additional sugar, and your espresso martini will still taste incredibly smooth.

I hope you enjoyed my Article, be so Kind to Leave your Comments and Questions Below.

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Can you Drink Alcohol and still Lose Weight? Review