Magic Bullet Blender Review 2022

Magic Bullet Blender Review 2021

The Good

• Small footprint

• Three blender cup sizes

• Quiet

The Bad

• Blender cups are short and narrow

• Plastic parts are inexpensive and breakable

The Magic Bullet Blender is a space-saving blender that makes smoothies in seconds.

It’s powerful enough for modest chores, but you should weigh your options before buying.

MB Blender

We bought the Magic Bullet Blender so our tester could use it in her kitchen. Our complete product review is below. If you want to make nutritious smoothies but don’t have a place for a countertop blender, the Magic Bullet.

The Bullet may be Appealing

In a little container, the Magic Bullet can combine, chop, mix, and whip.

We made smoothies and dips to test the Magic Bullet’s speed, capacity, texture, and consistency.

Our verdict is below. Generally, effective Installation is a breeze. It comes with many blender cups and lids for storage.

Pick a cup, add your ingredients, and screw on the blade attachment.

There are no buttons, switches, or speed settings.

The motor is engaged by pressing down on the top of the blender cup.

We were thrilled to hear that the blender starts with a soft touch and no pressure.

Better still, the Magic Bullet has a locking mechanism for hands-free mixing.

Best for Smoothies

Best for smoothies, protein powder, and other non-frozen drinks.

Our smoothies weren’t as thick or smooth as we like, but the Magic Bullet worked quickly.

That it can perform anything in 10 seconds or less is a bit of a stretch.

Smoothies, protein powders, and other non-frozen ingredients perform best in the Magic Bullet.fruit, smoothie, healthy, drink, food and drink, refreshment, pink color, indoors | Piqsels fruit, smoothie, healthy, drink, food ..

In addition to bananas and berries, it can combine leafy vegetables like spinach quite rapidly.

It mixed our smoothie components well.

However, the texture was not smooth.

Our smoothies had visible flecks and little, chewable fruit and veggie chunks in them. Neither were the berry seeds crushed.

Other blenders can generate more creamy smoothies, so this isn’t a significant problem.

The blender also had a capacity issue.

The cups just cannot hold enough fruit for a fruit smoothie. It’s easy to overhydrate.

No room for Fruits and Greens? 

With five strawberries and a modest handful of spinach, we used to overfill the 18-ounce blender cup…

To avoid damaging the engine, it is preferable to under-fill slightly. It also struggles with ice.

We tested a cup of ice cubes that were slightly crushed but generally intact.green, liquid, fruit juice, glass, beside, apples, diet, fresh | Piqsels green, liquid, fruit juice, glass ...

Inconsistent frozen cocktails or a lot of ice in your drinks?

Flavours were enhanced by thawing fixed components, such as fruit.

According to the manufacturer, it can complete every task in under ten seconds.

We produced salsa, hummus, and chia pudding to test the blender’s versatility.

For the cup, we had to stop the blender several times to remove and shake it.

No diced onions or garlic worked either. A friendly board and chef’s knife made consistent cuts much simpler.

The Magic Bullet’s Design is Essential

The blender base is tiny enough to fit in a cabinet or a deep drawer in your kitchen.

Keep it on the counter if you choose. Aesthetics are elementary.

Plastic, black and silver, with the brand name on the front and safety warnings on the rear.

Magic Bullet calls the blender cups “high-impact plastic.”

Comparatively, we found the cups flimsy and inexpensive.

The Plastic Storage

The plastic storage lids and flip-top lids were both poorly constructed and poorly designed.

You’ll need to eyeball or use various measuring glasses, using more dishes.

We used to overfill the 18-ounce blender cup with five strawberries and a handful of spinach. In fact, while drinking straight from the blender cups, the screw on/off threads are against your tongue.

It gives two “comfort lip rings” as a compromise, but these need cleaning and storing too.

Remember to grab a ring along with your lid if you’re hurrying out the door with a smoothie in hand.

Cleaning is simple when you work quickly.

Cleaning the Magic Bullet is Easy

Dishwasher-safe cups Soapy warm water washed the cups and blade attachment easily.

The Magic Bullet’s blender cups are small and difficult to reach with a sponge.

However, a sponge brush with a handle should work.

Pour a drop of soap and water into each cup, reconnect the blade, and spin the blender base.

To avoid food residue from drying within the cup, we recommend washing immediately after use.

The Entry-Level Choice for a Low Cost

The Magic Bullet personal blender is one of the more economical alternatives at $40.

Extra blender cups and a blade for enhanced ice handling are available separately.

Nutrininja versus MagicBulletNinja Food Processor

How does the Magic Bullet stack up against the NutriNinja? It worked out well.

Famous for its costly high-speed blenders, Ninja is a popular brand.

The Nutri Ninja ($60) has a bigger, more powerful 900-watt engine than the Magic Bullet ($250).

Despite their differences in power, both blenders processed most recipes at the same time. A few seconds longer in the Magic Bullet for recipes that require less liquid, like hummus.

Two Nutri Ninja plastic blender cups are included. The size and durability of the blender cups vary greatly.

The Magic Bullet’s cups are mostly 18 ounces, whereas the Nutri Ninja’s are 24 ounces.

The Ninja’s Cups are Thicker and more Robust

The Ninja has two flip lids, whereas the Bullet has only one.

No, the Magic Bullet won’t replace your countertop blender or food processor anytime soon.

It’s great for making single-serve smoothies and tiny amounts of dips, dressings, and sauces, too.

Using it is a breeze, and it costs only $40. The only snag? It struggles with ice and frozen foods.

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Magic Bullet Blender Review 2022