How To Lose Weight Fast Naturally and Permanently Now – Guide


Purple Welcome signWelcome to my website, my name is Elke.

I am passionate about helping people on their Weight Loss Journey.

I have lost 20 kg by just walking my dog for 30 minutes a day and watching what I was eating.

Weight loss is a lifestyle, and we must persist with it to achieve it.

Let’s dive right into it…

A Google search will provide you with many weight-loss methods that promise to work.

Weight-loss diets and activities abound.

Healthline says there’s no single weight-loss panacea.

Food affects each person differently.

The page emphasises research, patience, and commitment.

The following is a list of advice that can help you lose weight and keep it off.

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1. Try…

Some Americans exercise but gain weight, but exercise has greater health benefits than weight loss.

Daily action boosts power levels, metabolism, and mental health.

If you feel respectable, you may be more motivated to focus on other weight-loss aspects.

Walking or a 30-minute workout is essential.

Pace yourself…

Remember to pace yourself and your health, not where you wish to be.

Continue to intensify your workout.

Choose a workout plan you enjoy.

This will keep you motivated daily.

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2. Eat mindfully

Your basic weight-reduction plan monitors weight gain and loss.

A high-carb, high-sugar, high-fat diet is unhelpful to weight loss.

Choose healthy fats, high-fibre foods, and fruit sugars.

Vegetables and fruit help you feel full longer. Diet foods

Avoid foods that your body burns quickly, including bread, fried snacks, etc.

Weight loss and weight maintenance need portion control.

It seems more when food is served on smaller plates, and you eat less.

This is a terrific method to make yourself feel full.

3. Choose a weight-loss plan

Choose a weight-loss plan that meets all your nutritional demands.

Completely removing carbs or lipids is unhealthy.

Discuss extreme diets with your doctor.

4. Ingestion awareness

Many people eat to manage their emotions.

Stress, anxiety, boredom, loneliness, etc., can cause emotional eating.

Pay attention to what triggers emotional eating and find different methods to cope.

Avoiding TV or mealtime distractions.

Eating enough is harder to gauge.

When eating, savour the meal’s sensations and flavours.

It takes time for your stomach to tell your brain that you are full.

What makes overeating easy: Stop eating before you’re full.

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5. Check progress

Many apps track your progress.

Woman writing in diaryYou should be able to track what you eat, calories burned, and weight loss.

Tracking your progress will motivate you to diet even when you don’t want to.

Cheerleaders Join a group on social media with people who share your dreams.

Your cheering group will provide lots of social support to motivate you.

Be patient and consistent.

Overdoing it could harm your fitness.

Record your weight and review it frequently to stay motivated.

Let’s dig a bit deeper…

Fad diets and juice cleanses don’t supply enough nutrition for speedy weight loss.

Follow these 7 tips to burn fat swiftly and healthily.

8 ways to lose 15 pounds in a week

1. Eliminate unhealthy carbs

Change your diet to lose weight quickly.

Calories in vs. calories out have always determined fat loss.

Planning ahead is best for five-day fat loss.

Start eating less than 50g of carbs a day a few weeks before your five-day “reduce.”

The actual weight loss happens when you’re below 50g of carbs.

If you weigh 185lbs and eat 400g of carbs a day, try 300g, then 200g, 100g, then 50g.

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Pasta, rice, bread, potatoes, etc., are calorie-dense, making it harder to lose weight quickly. Fiber Foods

Men lose water weight quickly because they attach to more water than protein or fat.

2. Intermittent fasting

Intermittent fasting increases the time between meals; skipping breakfast is easiest.

If you ate at 6 p.m., you’d have fasted 18 hours by lunchtime.

This 2005 study found that intermittent fasting increased fat oxidation, which promoted fat loss.

Fasting and exercise increase insulin sensitivity, which splits nutrients between fat and muscle.

How to do it: Skip breakfast for a few days and eat lunch instead.

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3. Do high-intensity intervals to burn fat quickly

A study found that HIIT improves VO2 max and burns more energy than continuous cardio.

HIIT rowing burns fatter than ordinary rowing, 2020 research found.

Instead of hours on the treadmill, do fat-burning circuits that target your whole body.

Do 30 seconds of goblet squats, dumbbell/barbell rows, push presses, and pushups.

Finish with 15-second max-effort intervals on an Airdyne bike, rowing computer, prowler, etc.

4. Fish oil

Fish oil can help you burn fat with your diet and exercise plan.

A 2010 study found that fish oil supplementation reduced fat and increased muscle.

Fish oilBoost your fish oil intake to 1g per 1% of body fat to lose fat in 5 days.

If you have 16% body fat, take 16g of fish oil daily.

Warm or hot beverages Water keeps you hydrated so you can perform well.

Even mild dehydration can affect gym performance and metabolism as your body conserves fluids.

Water alone can help you lose weight.

Two glasses of hot water boosted metabolism by 30% in 40 minutes, according to a 2020 study.

5. Consume lean protein

Protein helps burn fat quickly.

It keeps you full, preventing overeating and snacking.

It boosts calorie burn because it takes more energy to digest than carbs or fat.

It prevents caloric deficit-related muscle loss.

Lean meats, nuts, eggs, and protein powders provide 1g of protein per pound.

Fat-burners boost core temperature to burn more calories at rest and during activity or reduce appetite.

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6. Common fat-burner ingredients

  • Green tea Green tea
  • caffeine
  • synephrine
  • capsicum
  • raspberry ketones
  • Garcinia Cambogia

Synephrine is in mandarins and clementines.

Recent research suggests it’s heart-safe and may boost resting metabolic rate.

7. Capsicum’s spicy seeds

Capsicum’s spicy seeds and fruits are used to relieve pain.

Intentional consumption may also aid weight loss, according to a 2021 Chemical Senses study.

Caffeine and garcinia Cambogia suppress appetite and kerb junk food cravings.

Fat-burners can boost your metabolism, give you more energy, and suppress hunger to burn more calories.

Beware of these ingredients’ side effects, and don’t mix them with stimulants or drugs.

I hope How to Lose Weight Fast Naturally and Permanently Now has helped you on your weight loss journey.

Please leave questions and comments below and I will be glad to help you.

Good Luck with your weight loss journey Good Luck

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How To Lose Weight Fast Naturally and Permanently Now - Guide

4 thoughts on “How To Lose Weight Fast Naturally and Permanently Now – Guide”

  1. A common misconception about losing weight is practically trying to starve yourself. Yes, this will take the weight off but it doesn’t leave your body in a healthy and physically ready state. 

    When I went on my weight loss journey I found that snacking throughout the day was the reason my weight was piling on. When I cut out the snacking and focused on eating at meal times and exercising I found the weight was still coming off and I was much happier with the progress.

    • Thank you for your comment, Michael,

      Yes, if we starve ourselves the body goes into starvation mode and we do not have energy and feel deflated.

      It is a better idea to eat small meals a day eg. breakfast, a piece of fruit mid-morning lunch a healthy snack have way through the afternoon and dinner. After dinner maybe have some carrot sticks some low-fat yoghurt or even better have nothing. You will find this will introduce weight loss and keep it of.


  2. Hi Elke,

    Great to read on article on losing weight naturally. I too am a great supporter of losing weight naturally. This brings in a sustainable change where a controlled weight is experienced over a long period of time

    Eating smaller portions of food is more helpful than having a larger portion followed by a period of Fasting. I usually do this to keep my weight in control .

    This is a motivating article to control weight loss naturally.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Best Regards,


    • Thank you for your comment, Rohit,

      I am glad that you found my article interesting. If we eat smaller meals, we certainly will lose weight, and if we continue, we will also keep the weight off. Losing weight is not a diet but a lifestyle change, and we have to keep doing it for the rest of our lives if we want to have a perfect weight. It is a journey, and it doesn’t have to be boring. 

      There are so many healthy foods that taste great, e.g. fruit, grilled veggies, and very beneficial nuts, to mention a few. 


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